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Key Advantages


Proven for over 35 years – requires minimum preparation so reduces prep time

There is no other primer coating like it

Try our challenge:

1    Take some rusted steel and remove loose or flaking rust with a wire brush.

2    Paint on a thin coat of Neutrarust 661 and leave to dry for an hour.

3    Now take the wire brush and try to remove the coating. (It won’t come off!)

It is quite simply amazing that Neutrarust has such strength and adhesion after such a short time.

This simple test proves how good Neutrarust 661 is as a primer – even directly onto rust!



  • Water-based rust converter
  • Acts as a primer, applied directly to rusted steel
  • Safe to use; transport and store
  • Fire tested and approved for use in deep tunnels
  • Produces no toxic fumes in fire event
  • NATO Approved – carries NATO stock number
  • M.O.D. Specified – widely used by Royal Navy
  • Carried on board hundreds of ships
  • Tested and used by QinetiQ
  • Standard weapon against rust on Oil Platforms
  • Truly worldwide reputation