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Neutrarust 661 – this incredible British product is hailed by many as THE Original and Best Rust Converter and has lead the way in corrosion control for over 35 years!

With approvals including Lloyds Register, the Ministry of Defence and NATO you can be assured that Neutrarust will offer you unrivalled protection against rust.

The strength and durability of Neutrarust is quite simply amazing, but ease of use is perhaps its greatest asset – with its unique formula Neutrarust enables unbeatable suface preparation times.

The corroded surface requires minimal preparation yet the adhesive strength is incredible. (See our Challenge)

NR661 can be applied by brush or airless spray. We recommend two coats to ensure a complete seal. Can be over-painted.

Water based and safe to use; transport and store, it is easily applied and simply painted onto rust.

Formulated to remove moisture and oxygen, the two main components that cause the degenerative process. It also seals the area to prevent further ingress.

Supplied in 1, 5, 20 & 205 litre containers Neutrarust 661 is available to both small and large users.